Fast and Easy Science Projects

“Fast and Easy Science Projects!” It sounds like an infomercial on late night television. What it is, however, is the desire of every mom who has faced the looming deadline of a science fair.

Most science projects aren’t fast, and if they’re too easy, the teacher won’t accept them. Kids have great ideas, but most of the time they aren’t appropriate. They either won’t work, are too expensive, take months to do, require materials from outer space, or they don’t follow the scientific method. So it’s up to the parent to try and find a science project.

One year one of my boys decided that for his science project, he wanted to test which metal conducted heat the best. The teacher loved the idea. And, frankly, so did I, until we tried to find five samples of different metals. Talk about expensive! We finally found a metallurgist who was able to help us. We developed a testing method that involved wax and our stove. The project worked, but our stove still has wax scars ten years later…

The science projects guides in 24 Hour Science Projects aren’t like that. The project guides were developed from experiments that were easy, were fast, that worked, that didn’t break the bank, and that the teacher liked. Try them out. We promise – all five of the guides really are for fast and easy science projects.