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Fun Science Projects

Don’t look now, but it’s science fair time – time to search for those fun science projects…that also have to be educational. They’re not easy to find, but they do exist. Here are some wildly fun science projects. Some of these are so cool that you’ll do them later just for the fun of it!
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fun science project

Finding a fun science project isn’t impossible. Whether you’re looking for an experiment or a demonstration, there are some great ideas that don’t cost a lot, are easy to do, and will teach your child basic scientific practices. We have four sons, and over the years we’ve done more projects than we can count. Here are some of our boys’ favorites:

• Find out which citrus fruit has the most Vitamin C? Make a solution with iodine and starch (it’s EASY to do!), and test different kinds of citrus juices to see which contains the most vitamin C.

• Take the shell of an egg – without boiling it. This wildly fun project is so cool you’ll do it over again for the sheer fascination of it! Soak a raw egg in vinegar, and the shell will come off. The egg membrane is so tough that the shell-less egg will bounce!

• Show how yeast gives of gas. Place a yeast and sugar solution into a bottle, put a balloon on top, and watch the yeast have so much gas that the balloon blows up!

• Watch static electricity work. Grab your wool socks, make a little piece of aluminum foil bounce between your finger and a pie plate.

• Use toy cars to find out about friction! Set up a hot wheels track, and find out how far they will roll across different floor surfaces.

• Are two ears better than one? Hide a ticking clock in a room, and send your friends in to find it – half using both ears, and half with one ear blocked with a cotton ball. (Birthday party idea?!)

These science projects are part of all the fun science projects in the 24 Hour Science Project package. They are easy to design on your own, visit 24 Hour Science Projects to find out how to purchase step by step instructions for each.