24 Hour Science Projects!

Five Fast and Easy Science Project guides that can be started today and finished tomorrow! This 24 Hour Science Project guide has step by step instructions, easy to find supplies, lists of reference materials and pre-formatted charts and graphs!

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Deciding on a Science Project

Creating Memories with Fun Science Projects

I know what you are thinking. Third grade science projects with water means stress, mess, and LOTS of cleanup. But planning and preparing science projects doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun, informative, and (most importantly) it means you get to create special memories with your child! Think back to some of your […]

Deciding on a Science Project

Last Minute Science Projects

Think fast! Your 3rd grader just walked in the door and announced that she has a science project due in 2 days! Do you: A. Collapse into a fit of hysterical panic B. Completely ignore the announcement (Maybe this is just a bad dream after all) C. Search the internet to find easy science projects […]

Science Project Data

How do you convert ounces to mg?

I get questions about converstions all the time. There are charts, calculators and formulas all over the internet, but the easier way is…Google it!

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